Trio challenge

Forget about the sad times (let’s do this for good and carry on). This week’s challenge is ‘trio‘. It didn’t take too long before I could select a few pictures with subjects which came in threes. Here is a selection.

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National library (Bibliothèque Nationale), ok! This one is just an introductory pic.

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Essaouira in Morocco. Where gulls often come in threes (I made that one up but not the picture)

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Tulips in Versailles

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Three friends on the Beach in Le Havre

fluctuat nec mergitur (Victory?)

Last week’s Photo Challenge mentioned “forget the sad times” and the topic was Victory. Well, it’s not that easy to forget the sad times when one works barely 1 1/2 mile those sad events and live 2 1/2 miles away and have friends living in the vicinity and teach at a school nearby and lost a pupil from our 1st year’s masters degree at the Paris School of Business. At first I was very angry and felt like I should carry on unabated (the motto “keep calm and carry on” came to mind of course). But all week it felt like we were able to play football in the middle of the once busy streets and everybody felt dejected (and angry). Yet, we shall never surrender, as our motto mentions: Fluctuat Nec Mergitur, (the boat shall be rocked but not sunk), and this will be our true Victory.

Passages DSC 5906

The Paris 10th arrdt Town Hall (where my Father registered my birth)

Ne sombre pas.

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We shall not get sunk (drawing by Joann Sfar)

Ornate Photo Challenge


This week’s Friday photo challenge is “ornate”. So I chose these photos from a Cambodian Buddhist temple (the Dhammareingsei pagoda) which was set up in a suburban detached house in Bagneux. These pictures were taken on a day of celebrations so it wasn’t really possible for me to take more intimate pictures with people. I wish to thank the kind people who let us in to take pictures of the pagoda. 






The Extra-ordinary Friday Photo Challenge


Yesterday’s challenge was (extra) ordinary. Here is my selection. Above, the sun taken through myriad droplets of water at the fountain of the Observatory in the Paris garden of great explorers. Do not hesitate to enlarge that picture in order to view all the details.


(Extra)ordinary like these boats in Essaouira in Morocco not to name the incredible sunlight.


(Extra)Ordinary like the Medieval Cathedral in Beauvais, one of the world’s tallest, to the best of my knowledge. It’s so big that it caved in a few times and had to be rebuilt twice. To this day, buttresses have been added to hold the building together. I like the cobweb effect. In fact, one sees nothing else on that picture. This is why I chose to keep it. One of the most extraordinary stone buildings in the world and all one can see is a teensy-weensy spider.


(Extra)ordinary like Hauptbahnhof (central station) in Berlin in Germany. So huge you’d think St Pancras could be housed inside. An every day building, meant to take people from point A to point B and yet, a bit like the Cathedral above, a grandiose piece of architecture. Such is my idea of the (extra)-ordinary.