Views from the Paris Flea Market

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Paris flea market. December 2014.

Old Marly

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Marly le roi. France. December 2014

Framed (Black and White)

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Saint Ouen Flea Market. December 2014.

Girlie Speed Camera (Black & White)

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I spotted that guy yesterday while browsing the Saint Ouen “Les Puces” flea market. He was selling trinkets and chit chatting with colleagues around him. On his counter sat prominently a mock speed camera on which there was a “Girlie Speed Camera” label. I asked hime whether he’d been able to pick up some chicks with that trick and he confirmed it had worked well for him. He might not sell many of his trinkets but at least he got something from the job.

Cat Gift (Black and White)

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The note on the left says : “GIFT – My cat isn’t using it – (Cat) Scratcher”

Garden chair (Black and White)

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Suspended gardens. Sainte Adresse, Le Havre, December 2014

Bike Locking System

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Bike locking systems are everywhere now. Except in Switzerland maybe, where people have a saying that “if you leave your bike unattended in the street, people will bring it back to you”. A bummer if you are trying to get rid of it, but great news to bike lovers who are fed up of seeing their favourite vehicle being smashed to pieces or stolen. Here a few views from Le Havre in Normandy, with their funny shaped bike locking systems.