Portraits from the Chinese New Year Pageant

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Selected portraits from the Chinese New Year Pageant. Not all of the participants are Chinese nor Indochinese. There are indeed young men and women from all origins in that pageant. I must admit I like the one above best amongst the portraits I took on that day. February 2015.



Prague, Reward and the Friday Photo Challenge

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My life as a ‘young’ entrepreneur isn’t exactly what I’d call a picnic, even though free enterprise and the success I enjoy due to our team’s hard work and dedication and passion, at the end of an already rich and long career is also a form of reward. This is why I tend not to travel abroad as much as I’d like to. So when I had the opportunity last October – thanks to one of my preferred clients, a Czech start-up by the name of Youstice, to meet with some of the Web’s pioneers like Doc Searls and Esther Dison, I took it as a reward for my work. I really enjoyed coming back to the Czech Capital, that I hadn’t seen for the best of the past 20 years! I used to go there often when I was based in London, since we had an office there and I often went there for business. So when the Daily Post suggested Reward being this week’s topic, I felt like sharing these pictures from Prague, which I really enjoyed taking on one of the year’s most beautiful and sunny weekends, between 2 sessions of our panels (more hard work). n°1 shows Karlův most or Charles Bridge.

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n°2 is a peaceful and beautiful statue taken in the commons around Kampa

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n° 3 is a bucolic scene taken on our way to the local Eiffel tower. One is at the foot of the old castle but the impression is that of a country scene

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n°4 is taken along the same path, the paved road giving the (certainly wrong) impression that nothing has changed there for ages.

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Chinese New Year Selfie

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Selfies are flavour of the month. Even at the Chinese New Year pageant in Paris and even though one should be looking and smiling at the crowd. Narcissism knows no boundaries. February 2015.

The Vintage Camera Lover

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Spotted today at the 2015 Chinese New Year Pageant, this vintage camera lover who didn’t hesitate to bring a fixed lens and old-style bellows camera amid the crowd. Not sure about the position of her fingers right in front of the lens, with a non SLR camera (hence, she can’t see her fingers but the lens will!) Reminds me of my old Foca Sport II, a 1960s camera I used to carry around with me all the time. I loved the way you had to manually tune your shoots from A to Z including the manual exposure meter (which looked a bit like this). Not sure about her measure of light and exposure in this shot either. Having said that, most of my shots are tuned manually (except today because it was too crowded and one had to shoot over people’s heads if one wanted to see something so I resorted to semi manual with a bit of autofocus in auto mode and I still don’t like it because it’s all over the place).

The Rule of Thirds, The Ant and the Friday Photo Challenge

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This week’s photo challenge is about the rule of thirds. And as the original post for the challenge was about Bokeh I chose that photo of an ant taken with the classic Nikon 105mm/f2:8 Micro lens. I don’t know about you, but I enjoy these challenges more and more! Many thanks to the Dailypost blog for creating these challenges.

Original Daily Post Rule of Thirds post click here 

Symmetry ( Weekly Photo Challenge )

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This week’s Weekly Photo Challenge is symmetry. Symmetry, in fact doesn’t really exist, but I find that photos based on that topic work best when they aren’t perfectly symmetric and slightly flawed. Thanks to the Dailypost WordPress blog for challenging us on such interesting subjects every week.

Photo1: staircase

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Photo 2: St Jean railway station in Bordeaux, France 

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Photo 3: Louis Vuitton foundation, Eliasson’s installation

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Photo 4: glass ceiling at the Aria Hotel in Prague

Vintage Car Exhibition (2)

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More radiator caps from the “retromobile” vintage car exhibition in Paris. February 2015.