Fisheye-less fisheyed views

I love fisheyes but a) they are extremely costly b) you never need lenses like these at all times and when you need them, chances are you will have left them behind. So here are my makeshift attempts at fisheyed views of our house in Normandy, which makes for more interesting pictures than the house itself by the way. no.1 was a reflection of the house and surrounding landscape in the bonnet of my car.

No. 2 is another reflection from the side of the car.

Coffee press lid for version no.3

Lion From Hell (B&W)

Denfert Rochereau is a sort of historical pun. It is the name of a General who fought in the 1870 war against Prussia. Before that, it used to be called “Place d’Enfer” (Square from Hell). As people are wont to call the square “Denfert” it is as if  it hadn’t changed names at all.

From another angle.

Rallyes are often organised around that square and people are used to doing all sorts of funny things to that lion. Here, a bunch of anti Gay Marriage protesters were climbing on the lion’s head (January 2013)