Songs From Liquid Days


The hum of the refrigerator is the name of this group of artists responsible for the above installation at Chamarande. Not quite sure about the meaning of the name of this group nor that of the installation but it reminded me of a Song From Liquid Days by Philip Glass. Particularly apt for a fountain I thought.

Changing Opinion – Philip Glass


Lyrics by Paul Simon,
Music by Philip Glass

we became aware
of a hum in the room
an electrical hum in the room
It went mmmmmm

[…] Maybe it’s the hum
of a calm refrigerator
cooling on a big night
Maybe it’s the hum
of our parents’ voices
long ago in a soft light

Queenie in Frogland

Queen Elizabeth II visited France a few days after D Day celebrations in Normandy. Her visit was greeted by a mixture of admiration and scorn as is natural in a country where half of the population wanted the King and Queen to be beheaded and the other half didn’t (Read The Chouans for a good account of French paranoia in the wake of the French revolution). At a foodstall, as I was waiting to foot the bill, and here she was, saluting the crowd with a weird gesture which probably accounts for her German origins. Chamarande. June 2014.