Here is a topic which is very much my leitmotiv these days, both in my paintings and photography (below)

This reminds me of Jacques Tati’s “Mon Oncle”, a 1960’s film in which the film maker was opposing, with much exaggeration, the de-humanized modern day Paris, squeaky clean and globalized, with the old fashioned City, dirty but idiosyncratic, welcoming and unmistakenly French.

But in this case, the old and the new are no longer opposed. One may regret it – and God knows I hear a lot of whinging about that around here – or alternatively, one may grow to like that modern day Paris too, admitting that both of of these can exist side by side and enjoy looking at what’s best in both of these worlds.

Old buildings reflected in a glass building in Port Royal

From artyStuff
The Cathedral in Reims (Eastern France), is reflected in the windows panes of the ultra modern multimedia public library
What I like best is the 2 bats that they stuck on the windows. Will you be able to spot them on the picture ?
From artyStuff

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