lightdrops, not raindrops

As we were waiting for our starters to be served at a very nice restaurant in Normandy (a stone’s throw from Giverny), overlooking the Seine, the rain started to fall very heavily against the French windows, masking the view, but offering interesting patterns on the window panes. I even noticed that every raindrop was acting as a miniature looking-glass reflecting the light. I then drew my camera from my bag and started shooting like mad. Out of the many pictures I took, I chose the following, slightly underexposed, but in fact a lot more interesting than all others.

From 12-rolleboise-01mai2012

Another, slightly lighter picture of the same scene but showing vertical crooked dotted lines of light when drops started to fall down the pane. It also shows interesting reflections from the table placed under the main light.

From 12-rolleboise-01mai2012

The Domaine de la Corniche is a charming hotel located in Rolleboise, a landmark for impressionist painters, where many were living until WWI broke out, including some of the American impressionists.

From 12-rolleboise-01mai2012

Detailed camera (exif) data available here for photo 1 and photo 2

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