abstract flower

“There is a flower… I think that she has tamed me…” 
― Antoine de Saint-ExupéryThe Little Prince

Flowers are like that: simple, accessible, beautiful. And so I thought when I came across that one in Auteuil last Sunday. The only problem is … what is its name? As I can’t fin it, I’ll call another French writer to the rescue:

“Nobody knows the names of the flowers which grow in the simplest of gardens”

― Boris Vian

From 12-macro-photogaphy

2 thoughts on “abstract flower

  1. The color is great, well the B/W is great. Do you have any bigger samples of the photo, its a bit hard to see all the detail with it being so small.


  2. Thanks for stopping by and thank you for the comment. if you click the flower you will be taken to the picasa picture page. The following link http://bit.ly/macropics will also take you to the full album. Slideshows are possible. This is indeed black and white. The flower is white and I realised that it looked better like that. For a colour version of the same flower you can also look at http://bit.ly/LhEi3s .
    PS: stopped by your blogged too; congrats for the heron. I will return to your blog which I am now following.


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