wasp and honey bee

Boy! September is hectic isn’t it?! I have just checked the antimuseum and it shows that little has been done for a week; I need to make up for it. So here is another macro picture of a wasp. And a hairy one at that, what with its bristles on its body … hairy beast that is. I had tricked the insect by placing the remnants of a melon on a plate on our garden wall, which didn’t fail to attract many wasps, flies and other insects.

From 12-vacete2012-public

and here is a bonus with that honey bee perched on a Buddleia (also known as Butterfly bush for obvious reasons which we will explain in a later post). What I like best in that picture is the blue background. In essence this is just the clear blue skies of our pollution-free Pyrenees … Heaven on earth readers!

From 12-vacete2012-public

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