without art, the earth is just … “eh”!

I live and work in Paris but I don’t have much time for gadding about the streets for leisure unfortunately. I rely on our friends from the provinces in order to show us things worth seeing. I know it’s bad, but it’s true. Today was one of these days, when people living far out in the country show you a beautiful place you knew nothing about: 59 rue de Rivoli is that place, a beautiful Hausmann building (1870ish) used by Artists as workshops, performing Art in front of visitors in the afternoon. Here is the stairwell, complete with lizards and other decorations. By the way, these are my very first pictures with my brand new Nikon D600, which I bought this morning, after trading off my D7000. An upgrade well worth the price difference in my eyes.

It’s hard to take pictures of the works of Art without feeling that you are doing something wrong. I only took a few snapshots when no “no photo” signs were displayed. Like this suitcase hanging from the ceiling with “inside is a zany monkey” written on it. Maybe there is a monkey in there who knows…

Some of the murals are quite impressive. I loved that one very much.

My preferred floor was the top one. You had to climb all the way to the 6th floor but sweets (or “Candy” rather) were on offer for those who want. The light there was beautiful too.

This is also where I met Linda Mc Cluskey (below), an American painter whose Art I found absolutely fabulous. She paints distorted views of Paris, San Francisco and the French Riviera. It’s a bit as if you’d had a little too much to drink and were seeing the City through news eyes. Coming back home I “developed” my photos and searching for information on Linda’s work I found her very moving biography. You should pay her a visit, her Art is beautiful and very joyful. And as one of the murals says at 59 Rivoli, “The Earth Without Art Is Just ‘EH'”. With Linda’s paintings, just make sure it isn’t!

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