Exclusive shops in Palais Royal

Palais Royal, formerly Palais Cardinal for it was built for the Cardinal de Richelieu, was completed in 1639. It is now a popular destination for tourists and theatre-goers since it is home, amongst other theatre houses, to the celebrated Comédie Française (currently relocated right inside the Palais Royal for refurbishment purposes). Even though the whole area is undergoing major works, you can imagine what it will all look like in a few months. It was hard to spot a French-speaking person in the vicinity, most of the visitors are tourists. The Palais Royal is also situated in the Japanese quarter of Paris. For a detailed account of the “secret shops” in Palais Royal and of Colette, the famous writer who lived there, click here.

So hip it hurts … one of the exclusive shops in Palais Royal. No doubt these are some of the most expensive sneakers  in the world.

A conceptual and very arty shop-window in Palais Royal

This time, the concept was a bit lost on me but no doubt it must be very funny.

I found the dummy wearing a coloured jumper and the pink door in the background very interesting.

High-heel worshipping in Palais Royal.

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