The Bum Who Also Was a Tourist … or Vice Versa (B&W)

Bum playing tourist
I was moving away from the Alexandre III bridge and as I left, I spotted that gentleman, in his overcoat, watching people around him and the view over the invalides. And then I saw his feet…

2 thoughts on “The Bum Who Also Was a Tourist … or Vice Versa (B&W)

  1. I talk to homeless people on a daily basis. They’ve become my best friends. I’m not with an organization, but I do what little I can to help. I’ve been doing this for three years, still I have no answers. What these people need is ears to listen to them and open hearts to understand. They want to be acknowledged. A friendly hello goes a long way, a coffee and a sandwich is much appreciated.

    I am following your blog and hope to learn more about you.



    1. Thanks Dennis for stopping by and looking after the homeless. Unfortunately, it seems that this is probably the only sector in which there is no unemployment these days. I wish I were able to do more than just giving away a bit of money, it’s great that there are people like you who devote their lives to others, it’s really beautiful.


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