The Proud Lion of Denfert Rochereau (B&W)
The Lion in Denfert is the symbol of French resistance in Belfort (one of the 3 districts of Alsace), the only area which resisted the enemy in 1870. A symbol of heroic resistance, the square was renamed from d’Enfer (the “square from Hell” in a manner of speaking) into Denfert Rochereau (the name of the victorious general). In order not to irritate our Prussian friends too much, the lion was made to look South, and not North, so that they wouldn’t take this as a hint that we wanted to have another go at it. Well eventually, we did have a go at it, unfortunately. The lion is similar to the one situated in Territoire de Belfort and was sculpted by Bartholdy, a native from Alsace, and the creator of the Statue of Liberty!

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