Poppy Field in the Somme (2) – HDR and non HDR

More Poppy field pictures from the Somme


HDR view, and menacing clouds …


Non HDR, at the exact same place…


amazing poppies


Thousands and thousands of them…


With a  colourfade filter

3 thoughts on “Poppy Field in the Somme (2) – HDR and non HDR

  1. Fabulous pictures all but somehow the non hdr:filtered shot captures that unique poppy red that no matter how hard l try can never capture on canvas. We enjoy your work enormously, merci à vous


    1. For some unknown reason I only discovered your comment a minute ago. Thank you so much for your kind comments. This is very very kind of you. I am now following your blog too and will get back to it soon. I am also a watercolourist, so I understand what you say about colours and the difficulty to catch them. I can relate to that. Thank you so much and have a great week-end!


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