B&W or Colour Photography (Montsouris)

B&W …
or colour photography. Name your choice by leaving a comment.
Montsouris, Paris, July 2013

15 thoughts on “B&W or Colour Photography (Montsouris)

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    1. Thank you so much. Maybe I did a poor job on the colour photography though, I could try and improve it quite easily.


      1. Well, I guess I should have also mentioned that I adore B&W photography, but I also know that some photos just aren’t strong enough to pull it off. Your photo is. It’s beautiful as B&W.


      2. That is very very kind of you. Thank you. I am now following your blog too. Let’s keep in touch and thanks for your kind feedback


    1. Thank you so much 🙂 This is indeed a heavenly part of town, a bit like the mews area around Craven Road in London if you see what I mean.


      1. I only have lightroom but it is a function inside the Nik Silver efex plugin. You should be able to do it in PSE. Just google selective colorisation PSE and you should find something helpful.


      2. Excellent! I’m a lightroom fiend too. I’ll check the Silver efex plugin. Thanks for the tip.


      3. Wow, this is absolutely brilliant! I love Gavin Howie’s video training sessions, they are just great. Thanks a million for the tip.


      4. It works beautifully. I will soon post a picture using this technique. Thanks again for your help.


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