Mont St Michel at Dusk (HDR)

Two different versions of the same view of St Michael’s mount with Sheep at Dusk. One of the pictures is focused on the skies and one on the sheep and the grass. I ended up keeping both as I couldn’t choose between the two. HDR was purely and simply the only way for me to be able to see something on that picture because of the sheer contrast between light and shade. Mont St Michel Normandy. April 2014.

6 thoughts on “Mont St Michel at Dusk (HDR)

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      1. Yes — a couple of years ago we wandered into Normandy for a week. But I promise any jealousy would diminish by about 300% if you knew about all the mishaps that almost kept us off the Mont entirely! Even so, we are very lucky indeed to travel as much as we do.

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      2. Mont st Michel is a no go area now. Far too many tourists. Maybe one day we’ll have time to travel again. For the time being I jump on my bike and roam the city between clients and classes. It takes my mind off work a bit.

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