Intricate Photo Challenge



Today’s Photo Challenge theme is “intricate”. It made me think of the new ceiling of the Rugby stadium in Jean Bouin in Paris. The stadium was – until recently – a mere pitch next to the Parc des Princes. You can judge by yourself by looking at the picture on the righthand side. 

Now it’s a beautiful brand new stadium with this interesting intricate concrete ceiling.
It also made me think of this complex building in Lyon the “musée des confluences” the inside of which is almost as intricate as the outside.
Lastly, I shot a series of photographs for one of my clients (as the url shows) and I took this picture in their data center. It shows how intricate the cabling in a data center can be. After all, if you are reading this blog, you are pulling data off such a data center even without knowing it. That too is an intricate question, like the weaving of the Internet Web itself.

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