Enveloping Fishing Nets


Last Friday’s photo challenge theme, to which I am reacting only now because I was away taking pictures in Berlin (soon to be published) is “enveloped”. A trifle mind-bogling that one I admit. So I went back to the dictionary and chose one of many entries i.e. this one: “to surround entirely”. Fishing nets certainly do that and this reminded me of a day we spent in St Vaast la Hougue (aka Utah Beach in June 1944) in Normandy last year. I found these nets very colourful and picturesque. 




3 thoughts on “Enveloping Fishing Nets

  1. Beautiful photos of the fishing nets. That blue colour is certainly marvellous, so striking and eye-catching. Beautiful capture of the rust too. It almost looks like bronze bathed in that sunlight 🙂


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