Half and Half Challenge


Today’s photo challenge is “half and half” so I chose a few pictures cut in the middle. I was spoiled for choice today. Above is a shop keeper having a smoke at her door-step.


Berlin steps, outside the Bundestag building.


Olafur Eliasson’s installation at the Louis Vuitton Foundation in Paris.


Reflection of a street off the rooftop of a parked car in Prague.


The encounter of two groups of horsemen on “Sword Beach” in Normandy.

8 thoughts on “Half and Half Challenge

  1. What an eye you have! These are amazing. I especially like the inconnu shopkeeper with the red coat. For some reason, the lighter foreground in the Sword Beach photo seems to help the picture be even better.

    I see that horseback riding is popular on Sword Beach, not just sulky driving.


    1. Thank you so much Beth. As it happens. I shot this picture the day after I saw that film on Vivian Maier http://www.vivianmaier.com/film-finding-vivian-maier/ I took my camera with me and went around the area for a stroll. As I was approaching St Georges, I saw that shop keeper. She didn’t spot me and I had time to aim. It only lasted a split second I think and she never noticed me.

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      1. It takes a keen eye to spot those moments before they vanish. I so appreciate the link – her story is right up my alley. I worked many years in psychiatry and find eccentricity fascinating. It’s impressive that she was able to find a way to keep herself afloat financially despite having such idiosyncratic ways. The world was different then and nowadays she may have had a much more difficult time insisting on her privacy.

        This is one of the best things about blogging – people share these things that I would have been aware of. I’m making my way through what’s on YouTube about her and will try to find the full-lenght doccumentary somewhere. I’m so glad you mentioned this!


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