Today’s photo challenge is “connected” in all senses of the term. Roads and paths can connect you (as in La Roche Guyon, with the above network of paths in the public garden taken from the top of the medieval castle).


People can be connected too, with the ubiquitous Smartphone, as in Versailles (above). This tends to turn people into robotised zombies who pay little attention to the world around them. Will these 2 women above be run over by the young gentleman on the righthand side, with his ear glued to his phone?


Phones connect us. In the past (a long long time ago), there used to be fixed lines too. The above vintage 1980s Alcatel fixed phone is a relic from the past. A modernist past when objects were given round shapes and improbable colours.


Sometimes, people choose to be dis-connected, and here is what happens when they do.

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