Today’s challenge was “alphabet” and we were allowed to choose from interesting typography examples. No.1 is the garish Euro Coaster sign at the Hyde Park funfair last December.


No.2. A lot more elegant is the typography celebrating the four evangelists at the Paris Protestant church in Grenelle. A handsome 17th century building, beautifully restored to its original splendour.


Next is the “Great Court” of the British Museum. I loved the building and the typography on top of the “reading room”.


Then the 1935 Dervaux Metro signs at ND de Lorette. Amongst my favourites. I love the 1930s


Next, writings on a wall in Montmartre. This picture was taken at the very beginning of December, a few weeks after you know what.

Lastly, the Rivoli 59 “after squat” building and its motto.

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