Abstract Photo Challenge


Today’s photo challenge is Ben Huberman’s “Abstract”. Here are a few from my collection. Above a grille on a concrete wall.


Next, seeing reality through a work of Art made of blue plastic bottles. 


A rusty metal bar in Versailles.


Led lights outside a night club, but it could well be anything. 

Brevannes 072012 DSC 1923

Foam taken out of a cushion I spotted out in the street.

Defense12 6540

The bottom of a pool in La Défense.

Mnhn DSC 1617

An aluminium radiator. There are many more but I’ll leave it at that.

8 thoughts on “Abstract Photo Challenge

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  1. What a great collection of images! I challenged myself to try to guess them before reading your captions and guessed only one correctly: the tile bottom of that fountain at la Défense. Thank you for a wonderful exercise in “seeing” differently.

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