Theatrical Moment in Chamarande (B&W)

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I shot this picture a few weeks back on a Sunday afternoon in the park of the 17th Century Château de Chamarande. Not that I found the play to my liking. It was one of those depressing jobs for highbrows except the listeners weren’t particularly intellectual so we felt for them (and the players too). To an extent this theatrical moment in Chamarande is a bit like all of us here this side of the water after the events of the past 5 days and those of the months before. Depressed for one, and sort of suspended in the air, expecting I don’t know what. Well, maybe we aren’t expecting anything in particular anymore. Besides, that’s probably the wise thing to do. To keep going, unabated, regardless of what happened and could happen. Blindfolded.

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  1. Yann, I’m so sorry about the nightmare going on there. I had the privilege to hike with a number of French last month in Spain and passed through Paris during the opening day of Euro 2016. Was so glad to see the Parisians out en force all over the Tuileries, the Jardin de Luxembourg, the Champs de Mar, in the sidewalk cafes – living their lives. What can we do but just keep walking and hope our governments do the right thing?

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