Mirror Photo Challenge

Seattle, Wa USA

Tonight’s (we’re on the other side of the water here) challenge is “mirror“. I have so many of these reflections pictures I could create posts on this subject for ever. Here, I chose to select recent photographs related to that theme. Above, a reflection of the Seattle Space Needle on the façade of Frank Gerry’s EMP museum. The story of the museum is incredible. It opened in 2000. In order to build it, Gerry took electric guitars to pieces and then did funny things with 3DS’ Catia 3D modelling software suite and hey presto, WYSIWYG. The building was sponsored by former MS frontman Paul Allen. EMP stands for Experience Music Project and is dedicated to pop culture.


Another reflection last May in Paris. How can you tell it’s Paris. You guess.


A few minutes before the above shot I captured this reflection of a tree in a puddle. Very graphic I should say.


That one is the classic shot of the “pont de Valentré” in Cahors in the South West of France. A wee bit too classical my wife commented. You tell me.

10 thoughts on “Mirror Photo Challenge

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  1. I love your unexpected and intriguing first three frames! But, “too classical” or not, your last shot of Cahors is my favorite. There’s such a beautiful stillness to it … nicely done.

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      1. Wow … I see what you mean, Yann! “Stunning” is the perfect word to describe your shots from the belvedere. Nicely done.


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