Water Water Everywhere


Today’s photo challenge is “H2O”, i.e. water for those who wouldn’t know. And God knows that water is something we have plenty oh here with rain 1 day out of 3 on average. At least this helps keep the greenery healthy. I chose pictures from a visit we paid in July 2014 when we rode the tourist boat on the canal St Martin in Paris. Here we were at the crack of dawn, boarding that barge on the canal and the weather wasn’t that bad… yet. 


We rode past barges on the canal, the weather was cold for the season but realatively dry but it didn’t last.


Here came the rain on the boat, so much so that I ended up being unable to take pictures of anything else but the plastic chairs on the deck, as I kept myself under the awning, safely protected from the rain (but not the cold).


So here you are, chairs and rain, rain and chairs. And no tourists. How exciting.


Try and sit on that chair!


Rain – and water is a recurring theme here. As in Normandy. 


My windshield in Norman weather.


Or here in Paris, near the Eiffel tower. Don’t worry, these were old shoes.

Brassens 04032012  13

I could go on forever, even birds love H20.

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