Chaalis Abbeys And Primaticcio

When you next decide to go to Chaalis, in the North of Paris, you will be granted three Abbeys for the price of one. One twelfth century job (in not such a good state), a 13th century chapel with a superb Francesco Primaticcio mural and an 18th Abbey which was the home of Mrs Jacquemard-André. Definitely worth the trip. From the Abbey you’ll find a footpath that goes into the woods and will lead you to places ridden with memories of great poets and philosophers (Nerval, Jean-Jacques Rousseau etc.)

From top to bottom and left to right: the 13th century chapel and its amazing stone gargoyles, the romantic bridge on the JJ Rousseau footpath, a panorama shot of the Primaticcio mural (restored a few years ago), a panorama shot of the 12th century Abbey, the 18th century abbey from the gates of the rose garden, and finally, the 12th century Abbey is a perfect spot for a Boy Scout picnic. All pictures are clickable. The map to Chaalis Abbey is shown per below.

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  1. Have I told you lately how much I appreciate your posts, Yann? Apart from being a photographic feast for the eyes, you always teach me something new. (In this case, Chaalis! I’d somehow never heard of it before but am now keen to visit.) Thank you on all counts.


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