Graceful Bather In Juan


la baigneuse juan les pins large

Today’s challenge is graceful. I found this statue on the seafront at Juan les Pins on the French Riviera so graceful, I thought it would have to be today’s picture. I will post no other so that you spend more time looking at it, at the construction of the picture, the way her look falls on the group of people on the righthand side, the geometry, the mirror effect and the beautiful light of the South.

About the statue

La Baigneuse, statue by Alphonse Grebel: Installed in 1940, the statue symbolises the beautiful life in Juan les Pins. Grebel also has other statues in the area ‘L’hymne au soleil’ at nearby Antibes les Pins beside Parc Exflora, and a sculpture of Andrè Capron in Cannes.

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      1. All is in transition as we figure out what just happened to our country, and the world. A night of good music, food and drink, and good friends. We’ll find our way back to stopping the fear that brought us to today.

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