I Make a Wish

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I missed my usual Friday night Photo Challenge boat last Friday, I was knee-deep into an invitation to tender and preparing a lecture which lasted all day Saturday. Nonetheless, here I am in catch up mode and the theme today is “Wish”. Hard to match Jen’s wonderful story about Emas in Japan. My wish is more simple and a lot more feeble I believe. It is twofold. 


I took the pictures above in the State of Washington last Summer when the climes were a lot better than today and the political atmosphere a lot more relaxed than it is today. My wish is that we get back to the tranquility we once knew and go enjoying the Peace  we have always known here, both internally and internationally. And that we have once more an opportunity to bask in the sunshine think about nothing but nice things, Art and Jeannette Obstoj’s poetry as well as Rupert Hine’s ancient but still oddly beautiful recordI make a wish

Remember the cornfields
The radio’s dead
How I worried our planes would collide
And we’d never reach
That secret tropical beach
Oh make a wish
And hand me down that clever book
I think I’m falling down…
There’s no light on the road
Oh I waited for hours
I wanted to give her flowers
I’ll make a wish
I stayed up all night for this
I’ve said enough
There’s no catch
It’s take twenty two
Met my match
It’s all happened before
A flash reflected in her eye…
how could we say goodbye…
In the heat of the day…
it could have been the end…
Of more than you and me
And didn’t you love New York
And the sight of natural green
A sad adventure this has been
But now my mind is new and clean
We’ll meet again in another dream
Make a wish for all you’ve seen
Oh make a wish
Don’t hand me down some clever book
There may be time for just one look
We’ll have to say it all
With just one look we’ll have to say it
There’s no light on the road
Oh I waited for hours
I wanted to give her flowers
I’ll make a wish
I stayed up all night for this
Make a wish and give up your thinking
Make a wish her body is shrinking
Make a wish the last eye is blinking
Make a wish for water worth drinking
Make a wish my vision is feeble
Songwriters: Hine, Rupert / Obstoj, Jeanette Therese
Make A Wish lyrics © Sony/ATV Music Publishing LLC

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