Pont Neuf

Paris Bridges under the Sun

Pont Neuf, July 2017. Pont Neuf is a misleading name as it is the oldest bridge in Paris. Nonetheless, it was entirely rebuilt a few years back.

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  1. Wonderful image, Yann — nothing makes an old bridge look old like some cobwebs, eh? But what’s this about the bridge having been entirely rebuilt a few years ago? That’s news to me!

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    1. Thanks Heide. Very kind. The restoration / repair works started in 1994 and were completed in 2007 as is stated in Wikipedia. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pont_Neuf most of the stones have been replaced just like most of the stones of ND have been replaced (and this is nothing compared to the repair works that are in the making). In fact there is so much pollution that the stonework would not be able to sustain that strain. Most of the Paris Bridges, as I stated in the post I wrote a week before, have been rebuilt. Some have been heavily redesigned/rebuilt from scratch like the pont de la tournelle (a 1928 gem with Landowski’s Ste Genevieve).

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      1. Thank you for this wonderfully instructive and detailed reply, Yann! I always learn something interesting from our correspondence.

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