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There are many signs of the unusual when one walks the streets of Paris. Like netted buildings, Christo-style. 


Or that sculptor who was plastering the walls of the old City of Antibes with weird statues in the shapes of women.

Les Grands Voisins - St Vincent de Paul

Or that guy who had left that funny little character on the ledge of a building at Les Grands Voisins. Looks like Prof to me, however, he is very very naked. 

Seattle, Wa USA

Last year, I’d spotted that guy running full speed into an armoury in Seattle. I supposed then he was in a hurry to collect his guns. Now it appears the 1939 building was turned into a cafeteria. Maybe he was running for a good cup’o gunpowder tea.

Seattle, Wa USA

Not to mention the infamous Gum-Wall near Pike Place in Seattle. Yummy!

Seattle, Wa USA

Kilroy, and Denise, was here.

Vineyards in Oregon, Pacific NW, USA

In Oregon, unusual landscapes with vineyards and hills which looked a lot like Alsace to me. Exchange the double yellow lines for white dotted lines and you’re there, even though you are thousands and thousands of miles away from Strasbourg or Colmar. 

I am a little late for this challenge, I hope you enjoy your hols and take wonderful photos.

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