There are different meanings to the word. And no doubt that Rothman’s (as you can hear in his — her? — beautifully strange LP “The Book of Law”) vision of ups and downs has not much to do with climbing steps nor mountains.

Ascend in my sense has more to do with the vertical footpaths of the South, on the French Riviera, where land is so expensive that houses are built no matter the slope.


As in Hyères for instance, where it starts climbing among flowers and bushes, so green and flowery even on a grey, but mild, November day.


Nice views once you have climbed all those stairs.


Looking towards the South and the island of Port Cros.


From the top of the hill and a view over the old derelict Castle and the backdrop of the Alps.


Once you ascend, you are allowed to walk around the beautiful Noailles villa built by Mallet Stevens in the 1930s.


Definitely worth the climb for a Bauhaus feast up there. And that’s me for “Ascend” today.

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