Scilly Seals


This year, the Wife and I went to the Isles of Scilly. The only place on planet Earth where you couldn’t suffer from the heat wave. Great place however. Beats the Costa Brava hands down. And it’s part of what we, in Brittany, call “Keltia” (Celtic countries) too, so it’s a bit like home. Rough seas up there. I had to hold on to my camera and wipe it dry from time to time!42689899820_7f94357699_k

I know they aren’t cormorans but that’s about all I remember from the boatman’s explanations. Nice chap he was, quite an entertaining boat ride.44448829132_d6ba5699df_k

The lighthouse from afar.44448832272_20ff683144_k

At last, we saw those we’d come here for. Shame their friends the puffins had already left.44448834042_c50f30df3a_kStranded.29561253807_3f57175f99_k

You can always trust seals for the odd photo bombing. The one in the middle is just hilarious I find. Silly seals!

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  1. The quality of the light is astonishing, Yann — especially in that second image, where it’s gently highlighting the rocks. How fun that you got to see seals (both frolicking and “beached”) as well. They are entertaining characters, aren’t they? Thank you for inviting us to ride along on this extraordinary adventure.

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