Ship graveyard in Lanester (Brittany)

East of Lorient in Brittany (North of Locmicqelic where the above photo was taken), there is a place in Lanester where fishing boats are rotting in the river Blavet.

Derelict piers and layers upon layers of kelp.

Old fishing boats.

And barges. Some have been here for quite a long time.

Probably an old barge too. This place is very popular with the locals. You will find lots of people gathering along the shore and setting up barbecues and families pottering around. More about the Kerhervy Lanester Ship graveyard on this blog.


2 thoughts on “Ship graveyard in Lanester (Brittany)

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  1. What wonderful images you’ve captured, Yann — they are both artistic and a bit melancholy (in spite of the cyan-blue skies). There is something especially sad about a boat that can no longer go out to sea, isn’t there?


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