Beauty and Halloween Gloom In Tresco


Tresco is one of the Isles of Scilly and it’s stunningly beautiful. One of its landmarks is the Abbey Garden, a subtropical garden with species from all over the world (thanks to the very temperate climate of the island).


But this is halloween so I thought I’d show you these other pictures taken from across the windows of a derelict house near the harbour.

This one is particularly Halloweenish. Fortunately, Halloween is over, I’ll soon show you more pictures taken in the beautiful isles of Scilly last Summer.

9 thoughts on “Beauty and Halloween Gloom In Tresco

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  1. That face/mask in the window is terribly eerie, isn’t it? I love how you’ve shot it too, at an angle and with a very shallow depth of field — adds to the “unbalanced” feeling of the scene. But yes … thank goodness Halloween is over! Hope you’ve been well, Yann.

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    1. Thanks Heide good to have you back on the blog. I’m fine even though it seems I’m catching colds every other week. Can’t wait for next Summer, 6 months of hibernation for me. Hope it’s not too cold on your side of the North Pole.

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      1. Ugh! So sorry to hear about these recurrent colds, Yann — but nothing six months of hibernation can’t solve, I hope? (That sounds truly glorious, by the way.) And thankfully, it’s not too cold here yet, in spite of a rough start to October. In fact, the snow we had last month very much reminded me of last April in Paris. Doesn’t that seem like a whole lifetime ago already?

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      2. It does seem like a lifetime. Snow in October! Blimey, I’m not cut out for Minnesota Heide. It’s funny these colds I had very few before I believe. Probably something to do with the fact I’m on my bike everyday in all weathers. Give me a shout next time you’re here will you?

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      3. I’m not sure i’m cut out for Minnesota either, Yann, ha ha. But i KNOW i’m not cut out for riding a bike in Paris — so chapeau, monsieur ! That may indeed be contributing to your colds … but it also keeps you active and healthy, so what is a fellow to do? Buy more pastilles de menthe, i expect. And absolutely, will give you a shout before my next visit. Le mai prochain, peut-être ? I will keep you posted; would love to see you again and catch up.

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      4. Looking forward already to seeing you, too! But it appears I won’t have to wait so long to see those photos, eh? I’m off to check out your new blog post. Thank you in advance, Yann!


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