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The 37 Bridges of Paris

Today’s challenge is “bridge”. A nice one indeed. There are 37 bridges in Paris. Bridges always make for nice pictures but they tend to be very difficult to capture.

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Dutch Angle (B&W)

Champigny sur Marne. September 2014

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Dutch Angle In Brussels (B&W)

A Dutch (tilted) Angle in Brussels could well be taken as an insult in the City, and country, that rebelled against Dutch rule in 1830 in order to become independent. 19th century arcade near the main (De Grote Markt) square. November 2013

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Dutch Angling (B&W)

Angling in the river Seine equates, in my mind, to short term suicide … unless they only do this for fun and to hurt poor helpless animals. How cruel Man can be! You’ll notice the Dutch angle aimed at capturing the stairs in the bottom righthand corner of the picture.

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Dutch Angle in Amiens

Yet another Dutch angle (i.e. voluntarily titled picture). Amiens. 2013

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Dutch angle with Dutch tulips

A Dutch, or canted angle, is a shot in which the camera is tilted to one side so that vertical lines are at an angle with the frame. It may sound trivial, but this is what owed The Third Man, Carol Reed’s masterpiece its reputation. Here’s my attempt at a Dutch angle, with tulips in the foreground; nothing to do with the Netherlands though (greetings to the New King!) the shot was taken in Versailles. In the background is the […]

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