Bumble Bee (macro)


2013 hasn’t been a great year for insects. Bat pups numbers, due to the lack of insects during the mating period in a very very rainy Spring, fell 50% below average, one female bat in two deciding to skip 2013 for giving birth. Pyrenees. Summer 2013

Rose in Picardy (Macro)

Getting one’s camera stolen is a severe blow. Not mentioning the cost. But I need to get back in the saddle and go on with my work. So I chose a picture I took a year ago in Picardy. Roses bring serenity and serenity is what I want at the moment.


This little beast was captured with my old Sony alpha 100 camera two years ago. Now that Spring is back I hope I’ll be able to capture new pictures of insects and animals, maybe newt week-end as we are planning a shooting trip to Versailles on Saturday.

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