Fridge Bridge in Blois

In Blois (Loire Valley), if you get there by train, you will most probably cross the tracks thanks to a white metal footbridge (as it's white I named it a 'Fridge Bridge'). The 'Fridge Bridge' was finished in 2014. Its architecture is reminiscent of that which was popular in England in the early 1990s. Not... Continue Reading →

slippery cobbles in Blois

There is nothing better at night than shiny slippery cobbles after heavy rainfall. This picture was taken last year in Winter using a tripod in the very scenic City of Blois in the Loire Valley. Full details page.

Cats and Dogs in Blois

I took this shot at night in Blois, in the Loire Valley. Whereas the whole region is entirely flat (Norfolk-wise), Blois is situated on a high ridge with steep steps leading to its cathedral. It was raining cats and dogs and I captured the scene of the pouring rain which was flowing down the stairs.

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