The Road That Took Us

Our trip to the French Riviera last December was a complete success. We were half expecting good weather but were quite taken by surprise when we realised we could bask in the sunshine in the very midst of Winter. So we took the road and visited the area and on our way to Tourrettes sur... Continue Reading →

Graceful Bather In Juan

  Today’s challenge is graceful. I found this statue on the seafront at Juan les Pins on the French Riviera so graceful, I thought it would have to be today’s picture. I will post no other so that you spend more time looking at it, at the construction of the picture, the way her look... Continue Reading →

Look up

I did a fair bit of looking up when we last went to visit the French Riviera in May. Above our heads were palm trees as in Cannes. In Antibes, quaint little windows were placed high above and looked nice and flowery. In Antibes again, electric wires looked like music scores above our heads. A... Continue Reading →

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