The Road That Took Us

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Our trip to the French Riviera last December was a complete success. We were half expecting good weather but were quite taken by surprise when we realised we could bask in the sunshine in the very midst of Winter. So we took the road and visited the area and on our way to Tourrettes sur Loup, in the mountain, we found this. 

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Even our visit to Grasse was a success. I had no idea that the town was so beautiful and the vista from up there quite spectacular. We had taken the road, but its the road that took us.

Graceful Bather In Juan


la baigneuse juan les pins large

Today’s challenge is graceful. I found this statue on the seafront at Juan les Pins on the French Riviera so graceful, I thought it would have to be today’s picture. I will post no other so that you spend more time looking at it, at the construction of the picture, the way her look falls on the group of people on the righthand side, the geometry, the mirror effect and the beautiful light of the South.

About the statue

La Baigneuse, statue by Alphonse Grebel: Installed in 1940, the statue symbolises the beautiful life in Juan les Pins. Grebel also has other statues in the area ‘L’hymne au soleil’ at nearby Antibes les Pins beside Parc Exflora, and a sculpture of Andrè Capron in Cannes.

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Anticipation : Looking Forward To Sunnier Climes


Today’s theme for the Friday Photo Challenge is ’anticipation’. Here it’s pretty grim at the moment, we are in the middle of Winter. Days are short and even though it’s mild and damp, kids may still expect to be able to go on the Ferris Wheel at La Concorde. We are looking forward to more pleasant and sunnier climes. 


In a little more than a week we’ll be on our way to the French riviera, to Antibes, where Nomade is waiting for us. 


Maybe the Sun will be out and we’ll be able to bask in the sunshine. OK, I don’t expect miracles, but it can get pretty mild down there, and I remember having lunch out in February for instance. This is unthinkable up North.


On Ste Marguerite Island off Cannes. 


We might even be able to sail the Mediterranean who knows. I remember a boat trip from Nice to Cannes in mid November 10 years ago when the temperature was 35°c (95°f).


 Cannes from the Sea. And I also expect to bring back a lot of nice pictures from the Piedmont behind Nice, Vence, Colle sur Loup and all these places. Can’t wait to be there.

Look up


I did a fair bit of looking up when we last went to visit the French Riviera in May. Above our heads were palm trees as in Cannes.


In Antibes, quaint little windows were placed high above and looked nice and flowery.


In Antibes again, electric wires looked like music scores above our heads. A sight rarely seen now that cables are laid underground.


At last on the beach in Antibes, Jaume Pensa’s “nomad” was placed up above and looked like a Big Friendly Giant. As you may have guessed, today’s photo challenge was “look up

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