Temporary Post

All we do and build in this world is temporary. We don’t look at it this way and yet, with hindsight, once we are dead and buried, who will remember us and what we’ve done. What will become of this website and the 2,000+ blog posts which I have written, not to mention the thousands of pieces written for clients and other blogs and sites. Even our books. Eve our houses, one day, will end up like this one, possibly a stately mansion at the beginning of the twentieth century, yet it’s crumbling to dust now.

Law and Order

We call it July 14th, and foreigners call it Bastille Day. There is no better day in the year for a demonstration of law and order. Mind you, at the moment, it sounds a bit as if it were July 14th everyday what with the constant flow of Police and Army who try, and most... Continue Reading →


Last weekend was about evanescence and so was the weekend, evanescent. Even though it was a long one, it disappeared so quickly and we were so busy touring the Riviera with the Wife singing with the the Paris 14th district choir and a symphonic orchestra and me taking pictures that I wasn’t there in time... Continue Reading →

Musings About Heritage, Wars and Buildings

Heritage "Features belonging to the culture of a particular society, such as traditions, languages, or buildings, that were created in the past and still have historical importance”  Cambridge Dictionary Traditions and languages are rather hard to picture, but buildings are easier and I indulge a lot in that activity I must admit. We’re a bit... Continue Reading →

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