St Joseph – 2/3

You seem to have liked St Joseph, so here are a few more pictures. Outside staircase. I wish I'd been able to climb to the top, the view must be fantastic.   I chose the backlighting option to make it look more dramatic. Different angle this time Now this is my favourite picture of St... Continue Reading →

Faith Capsule

St Joseph is one of Auguste Perret's masterpieces. Some find it ugly, because it's all made of concrete. Despite the fact that his work was determining in order to rate the city a Unesco World heritage site. It's all a matter of perspective. So I went right underneath the spire of St Joseph to provide... Continue Reading →


Today’s photo challenge is "Path". I chose a selection of footpaths shot in Le Havre, in Normandy.  Palm trees in Normandy. Hmm. Mind you I saw palm trees in Warsaw a few years back.  Roses in Winter is even weirder but it happens. It’s very mild there, hence the palm trees. An armchair for the... Continue Reading →

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