Before the lockdown 3

Sound like Prehistory now, this early march visit to La Roche Guyon. Pre lockdown, but you wouldn't know because it was before the tourist season and there wasn't anybody there to be seen. A before and after the lockdown session over there wouldn't mean much. The obligatory tilt-shift from above the village La Roche Guyon... Continue Reading →

Honfleur Wash-house

A late 19th-century wash-house in Honfleur in Normandy.  Nice woodwork on the rooftop. Until now, I'd never thought that wash-houses were such an item in France. You can find a list — by no means comprehensive — at

Scallops Season

December 2019, scallops season at Honfleur in Normandy with boats from Brittany and Fecamp and other places. And by the way, there really is a scallops season war going on, and possibly with interesting post-Brexit developments.

The pool

Typical me, I bought the latest and greatest camera and the shot I prefer is blurry, to say the least. Well, it was meant to be that way. Deauville, December 2019

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