Quest For A Haven

In June this year we went to visit friends in Le Havre, which means “Haven” in French. The weather in Paris was cold and grotty and when we reached Normandy the sun was shining and it was very hot (that in itself was pretty unusual). My wife dropped me at the other end of town... Continue Reading →

Off-Season Photo Challenge

I love Normandy. Yet, off-season over there is a bit of an all-year round thing. A wee bit like Summer in Scotland. Well, frankly, it’s hadly any better than Scotland, but it is a beautiful area too. So when we set foot in Orbec on July 14th, 2011 (Bastille Day), we weren’t really surprised that... Continue Reading →

Enveloping Fishing Nets

Last Friday’s photo challenge theme, to which I am reacting only now because I was away taking pictures in Berlin (soon to be published) is “enveloped”. A trifle mind-bogling that one I admit. So I went back to the dictionary and chose one of many entries i.e. this one: "to surround entirely”. Fishing nets certainly... Continue Reading →

Ouistreham - Sword Beach - August 2014. 70 years ago, young men from Britain, Canada and France died on that beach to preserve our freedom. Let them be remembered.

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