Shine: Here Comes The Sun

Seattle, Wa USA

Today’s challenge is “Shine”. This could be a film or just a selection of pictures. I like that picture above of a building in downtown Seattle last Summer. I spotted that plane up in the sky. It seemed everything was running parallel in that picture. The plane, the cornice, the floor separations in the building, the dots, the electric wires of the ageing Seattle trolleybus system. It’s a weird picture but I think it works quite well. It also conveys the atmosphere of that very stuffy Summer day rather well.


Next is a picture taken at Père Lachaise through the gates of a 19th century tomb.


Seattle again, I could brag that the Sunshine effect on the monorail was intended but let’s admit it: it was a great piece of luck.

More Shine from the sun in this beautiful early 20th century area in Montsouris (some sort of a village within the big City), in the South of Paris (14th district). A stone’s throw from where I live.

Caroline Casadesus

Caroline Casadesus is the daughter of famous French conductor Jean-Claude Casadesus, a member of a very well-known and influential Arty family. She is a Soprano and her interpretation of the wonderful requiem by Camille Saint Saëns is excellent. One of her sons is the very young and very talented jazz pianist, Thomas Ehnco. I shot this picture with my preferred 70-200mm f2:8 zoom, the must-have of music gig photographers. Paris. June 2014

Crutch (B&W)

At last I can walk about town and I can take pictures too. Yet, on that beautiful Spring day (temperatures around 25 celcius in Paris today), my crutch was never very far away from me. March 9, 2014.

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