Rue des Artistes

Close to our place, there is a small street curiously perched 15-20 yards above sea level, it's called rue des artistes. Its name is very apt, around there one can find famous post-war painter Nicolas de Stael's house. At the top of the stairs, a house has just been refurbished and painted bright colours with... Continue Reading →

Open House in Montsouris

A couple of weeks ago, it was open-house with the artists' workshops of Montsouris. Here, 2 rue d'Arcueil. Some of these workshops are managed by the municipality of Paris. For once, I wasn't on my bike but I spotted this fixie. I would have been very keen to test it. Opposite rue d'Arcueil, a new... Continue Reading →

Transformational Job

It’s funny that Jen chose transformation for a theme. At that very moment, at the other end of the World, I was hosting a meeting with Joe Pine (photo on the right), he who coined the expression ‘Customer Experience’, in which he was describing five major economy levels. The first one was ‘commodities’ and the last one was… transformation. And just at that moment when Jen posted her piece, I was showing Joe our little Friday exchanges.

Shine: Here Comes The Sun

Today’s challenge is “Shine”. This could be a film or just a selection of pictures. I like that picture above of a building in downtown Seattle last Summer. I spotted that plane up in the sky. It seemed everything was running parallel in that picture. The plane, the cornice, the floor separations in the building,... Continue Reading →

Caroline Casadesus

  Caroline Casadesus is the daughter of famous French conductor Jean-Claude Casadesus, a member of a very well-known and influential Arty family. She is a Soprano and her interpretation of the wonderful requiem by Camille Saint Saëns is excellent. One of her sons is the very young and very talented jazz pianist, Thomas Ehnco. I shot this... Continue Reading →

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