Caroline Casadesus

  Caroline Casadesus is the daughter of famous French conductor Jean-Claude Casadesus, a member of a very well-known and influential Arty family. She is a Soprano and her interpretation of the wonderful requiem by Camille Saint Saëns is excellent. One of her sons is the very young and very talented jazz pianist, Thomas Ehnco. I shot this... Continue Reading →

Crutch (B&W)

At last I can walk about town and I can take pictures too. Yet, on that beautiful Spring day (temperatures around 25 celcius in Paris today), my crutch was never very far away from me. March 9, 2014.

Saint Louis Jouvet (B&W)

Louis Jouvet is an iconic 1930s French actor, a wonderful man who not only was a brilliant actor but a stutterer who managed to overcome his handicap to learn and teach acting to people with speech difficulties. Opposite our flat, there is this church and above the door, the statue of what should be St... Continue Reading →

So Hip It Hurts

As I was taking pictures outside this designer shop; She was laughing out loud so much I thought she was taking the Mickey off me. The shop is situated Boulevard Raspail. So hip it hurts. October 2013

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