Roses in Gonesse

A selection of roses from Gonesse around its beautiful village church. Such a shame this village was left in a derelict state. At least, things are starting to improve and a number of hovels are being rehabilitated or even pulled down. But let's focus on the bright side of things.   The choir is getting... Continue Reading →

Crutch (B&W)

At last I can walk about town and I can take pictures too. Yet, on that beautiful Spring day (temperatures around 25 celcius in Paris today), my crutch was never very far away from me. March 9, 2014.

Doorknob reflection

Reminiscent of Neil Young's harvest and its amazing cover pic, a staple of all record collections owned by people from my generation, my reflection in a vintage doorknob near Denfert Rochereau. Shot with my ancient manual Nikkor O 35mm f:2 lens.

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