Post COVID 13th District Walk

After the lockdown, we went down to the 13th district for a walk along the river. Fewer people were wearing masks at that time. They look a lot more terrified now, strangely enough. Coming up for air would have been a good subtitle for this piece. Over there, one can find the great library built... Continue Reading →

Lockdown diary 1

Now that we've seen how things were before the lockdown, it's time I showed scenes taken from our daily lives, i.e. when I'm not locked up in my room working hard.

Before the lockdown 2

It was another time, another place, another life. Life before the lockdown, and the very March 16 gatherings that drove the Government potty and led them to lock us up for two months. I'm ashamed, I was part of it. Even more ashamed, I enjoyed it to the full. By the way, (un)happy anniversary to... Continue Reading →

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