Relax, Relax …

Seattle, Wa USA

Today’s Friday Photo Challenge theme is “relax”. I chose this picture of two young ladies relaxing in the Queen Anne district of Seattle, overlooking the bay (right) and the City (left). I took this picture in the twilight, the atmosphere was beautifully relaxing I found. 


Yet, there is nothing as relaxing, in my eyes, as Mother Nature. Above, Mount Rainier. It’s amazing that one can see greenery at this height. Rainier is almost as high as Mont Blanc but greenery in the Alps will stop a little above 5,000 feet (1,500 m), here we were twice as high at 10,000 feet. We had never seen that, and God knows we know about mountains since we have a house up there in the Pyrenees.


One doesn’t need to get that far to be relaxed. A mere 50 miles from the City centre of Paris, one finds the old impressionist hotspot named Rolleboise, overlooking the Seine. On that day (sometime in May 2012), rapeseed was blooming, colouring the fields yellow and overpowering the air with its potent Spring smell. 

A Kind of Magic

Les Grands Voisins - St Vincent de Paul

Last night’s challenge was magic. I decided to show some pictures from the “Grands Voisins” (Big Neighbours) project. An alternative project for the benefit of the homeless and offering services such as the “ressourcerie” a shop where people give books, furniture and various knick-knacks. Even garments. 

Les Grands Voisins - St Vincent de Paul

The project is located in a derelict hospital. It attracts quite a few visitors. At the moment, there is a kind of Magic about this place. 

Les Grands Voisins - St Vincent de Paul

Artists have redecorated certain parts of the compound. This corner of the derelict hospital is now very very green. Magic.

Les Grands Voisins - St Vincent de Paul

Artists and inventors design weird machines like this one. Magic.

Les Grands Voisins - St Vincent de Paul

A weird platform in the shape of a boat. Magic.

Les Grands Voisins - St Vincent de Paul

And this weird contraption made of plastic bottles. above it a solar panel absorbs light during the day. At night it turns into a streetlamp. Magic. 

Les Grands Voisins - St Vincent de Paul

Inside the café, kegs of beer. All magic. It’s a bit of a shame though that they will turn this place into a real-estate development area.

White Bear


As white bears are stranded up North amidst melting icebergs, we have to have plastic renditions of the poor things in the Orlinski fashion. The one above was shot in Montsouris in October and it survived. I tend to prefer François Ponpon’s 1922 white bear job as shown per below and exhited at La Piscine, an Art Deco swimming pool turned into a museum in Roubaix (on the Belgian border). I have a great weakness for Art Deco.

White Bear François Ponpon

Funny statues and lemur


This week’s challenge is “fun”. In fact I missed the past two ones as I was busy replenishing my photo album collection while touring the Pacific Northwest with the Wife. A few months ago we went with some friends in the Alps and we came across some very weird statues. The gentleman who creates them is a farmer and a sculptor. He sculpts them with a chain-saw, hence the funny eyes.


Most funny though was my friend Yves posing with one of these statues. I can’t tell which one of those two is the weirdest.


In May as we were in Cannes, I spotted that boat and then realised the this was a floating ice-cream van, I found it rather funny.


Lastly, an old picture of a lemur from Madagascar and their funny eyes. 

dourdan-DSC_0073They are even funnier in small groups of five or six.


They are funny but sometimes you can feel how sad they are even though they still look funny.

Les Halles by night


Paris les Halles. April 2016. Click picture for details including EXIF data.


[Apr 10 update] a discussion with my fellows from the Paris 14th district photo club led to the reframing of that picture which ended up being cropped in that way. I usually avoid reframing but I must admit they have a very good point. I could also get rid of that white bit from the pedestrian crossing on the bottom left-hand side and even that dreadful slanted post in the foreground (but these posts are everywhere it would take for ever to delete them from all my shots. 


[Late Apr 10 update] OK, I did it. I got rid of these 2 nasty bits and its a lot better now, isn’t it?

So and Sceaux


Yesterday was the first OK day of the year. Phew! This is April already. And we went straight from Winter to T-shirt weather. So here we were in Sceaux, a stone’s throw from our place, South of Paris. 


Something fishy here. 


Magnificent trees like this one. 


What is this blue thing between the clouds? Any idea?


A rainbow through the mist of the fountain spray. 


Looking for a mathematical composition? You have it but don’t ask what formula.


Spring flowers, yes! At long last.