Lockdown diary 1

Now that we've seen how things were before the lockdown, it's time I showed scenes taken from our daily lives, i.e. when I'm not locked up in my room working hard.

Before the lockdown 2

It was another time, another place, another life. Life before the lockdown, and the very March 16 gatherings that drove the Government potty and led them to lock us up for two months. I'm ashamed, I was part of it. Even more ashamed, I enjoyed it to the full. By the way, (un)happy anniversary to... Continue Reading →

the pixellated fountain

This is no illusion and there was no tampering with this picture which was only slightly cropped. I captured the droplets at very high speed (1/800 sec), low ISO (100) and at a distance so that the whole picture would be crisp (long depth of field). Shot in the late afternoon of a hot late... Continue Reading →

The spitting dolphin

This is a powerful beast I tell you! From the same Port Royal fountain of which I previously posted the picture of a horse. I could literally spend hours in front of that fountain, it has plenty of animals on it including turtles and those dolphins.

Heloïse and Abélard

We visited the Conciergerie lately. It was on our list of "things worth seeing" and it was well worth the visit. It's the former palace of the Kings, then turned into a Tribunal, then a jail (during the French revolution) and lastly a tribunal again.  Now it's a museum. This medieval part is rather bare... Continue Reading →

Deck Chairs

I spotted these 2 orange deck chairs while climbing — somewhat illegally but don't tell anyone — one of the modern buildings erected at the Cité Universitaire in the past two years. A room with a view.

Villa Blanqui

A villa in Paris (not in the rest of the country, mind you) is not "a large and luxurious country house in its own grounds". It's something I learnt when I settled down here. Instead, it's a small, and sometimes not so small, street or private cul-de-sac, with dwellings on the sides. Usually, one finds... Continue Reading →

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