in MontpArTnasse

A few weeks ago on a Saturday afternoon, I came across that Lady who was sculpting with barrier tape over the vent of an underground train. How's that for a long-lasting work of Art? And a few hundred yards further, rue de Rennes, reflections in a modern glass building. Guess what! I never found that... Continue Reading →

My day with Antoine (4)

Everybody knows Hercules The Archer, Bourdelle's masterpiece. Here it is (and below with a different angle) Boy! that guy looks menacing. Don't forget he is/was a semi-God. I also wanted to know what (who?) he was aiming at...

My day with Antoine (3)

The museum is situated on the very grounds of Antoine Bourdelle's workshop. As well as visiting the original workshop, visitors are also able to view the 1949 extension to the building, in which a lot of very large statues can be found; like the clay version of the famous Hercules the archer statue (right-hand side)... Continue Reading →

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