Dense Crowds in the Chinese Quarter

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The Paris Chinese Year pageant takes place every year. This year, the Chinese New Year was on February 5. Instead of focusing on the pageant itself I zoomed in on the dense crowd this time and I found that the best part of the show was there, behind the barrier tape. One of the onlookers didn’t like me that much and she cast me a very stern look.

Chinese New Year 2017 Paris

Among the dense crowds one could also find moments of tenderness. The only difficulty was to zoom in through the throng.

Chinese New Year 2017 Paris

A tiltshift of the crowd taken at arms’ length.

Olympic Towers

Olylmpic Towers - Les Olympiades

Les Olympiades, a Council Estate (social housing) development in the Southeast of Paris (13th district). This is the epicentre of the Chinese quarter of Paris. All towers are named after a City which housed the Olympic games hence its name.

The Vivid Chinese New Year Pageant (Paris)

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When the “vivid” theme was announced – or rather as soon as I was able to discover it because yesterday I was busy working all day at the Paris School of Business, the 2015 Chinese New Year Pageant came to my mind. It’s only this year I managed to find some time to take photos at the pageant. Vivid definitely is the right term for it.

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Bright and vivid colours like those of the European, French and Chinese and Vietnamese flags. All nationalities were present and that was a symbol too. These pictures were taken on February 22nd, a little more than a month after the dreadful events of early January.

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The vivid colours on the waistcoat of this young gentleman are impressive. A lot of the young people in the pageant aren’t of Chinese origins. They are part of the Franco-Indochinese friendship association.

Nvlanchinois 9276jpg 16428809669 o

Even Prime Minister Valls (waving hand) and Home Office secretary (aka “Minister of the Interior”) Cazeneuve were present. As I said, this pageant was a symbol. The crowd was huge and I had to fight in order to catch a glimpse of those people.

Nvlanchinois 9296jpg 16407155207 o

Yet, the real show was there. With these young people all wearing bright coloured jackets and gowns.

Nvlanchinois 9301jpg 16613311191 o

This one like the camera, you can tell.

Nvlanchinois 9356jpg 16588491466 o

More vivid (and complementary) colours.

Nvlanchinois 9368jpg 16588494616 oDragons were vivid too.

Nvlanchinois 9326jpg 16613820482 o

And so were fishes.

Nvlanchinois 9410jpg 15994709063 o

Not everyone in the pageant was looking and smiling at the crowd.

Nvlanchinois 9397jpg 16613333711 o

Definitely not Chinese.

Nvlanchinois 9395jpg 16613836942 o

Blue knight.

Nvlanchinois 9428jpg 15994711993 o

The crowd was part of the show too, with some of the people climbing the walls and buildings to take better pictures.

Nvlanchinois 9434jpg 16428674539 o

A stepladder could also do the job but this was a risky business in such a crowd. Brave man!

Nvlanchinois 9438jpg 16407194297 o

More vivid colours.

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Portraits from the Chinese New Year Pageant


Selected portraits from the Chinese New Year Pageant. Not all of the participants are Chinese nor Indochinese. There are indeed young men and women from all origins in that pageant. I must admit I like the one above best amongst the portraits I took on that day. February 2015.



Crutch (B&W)

At last I can walk about town and I can take pictures too. Yet, on that beautiful Spring day (temperatures around 25 celcius in Paris today), my crutch was never very far away from me. March 9, 2014.

The Tour Paris 13 Contemporary Art Experience

Last October, street artists from all over the World were asked to decorate 36 apartments in a 1960s block of flats due to be demolished. The experience was amazing and I was one of the happy few who were able to visit the “tour” for a whole evening and take pictures at my leisure. Others were less lucky and had to wait in line for hours and see nothing.

One of the corridors, entirely redecorated. The door on the left is untouched. There were still people living in that building at the time.

Ghost-like figures bouncing off the walls

The painters painted the whole building from the cellar (too hard to take pictures down there unfortunately) to the top of the building. Here, street artists had decorated a ventilation shaft behind the stairwell.

The artist used a wall covered in mirrors to create this view of a purple tiger. Very clever.

Flowery wallpaper design.

One of my favourites, a French artist nicknamed Stew, who created this Nippon style design. Amazingly inventive. He recreated the interior so as to build a real world within the apartment.

Hard times: chalk on blackboard paint. So clever, and so gloomy too. Very Dickensian (yet Italian)

A more colourful expression. Brazilian I think.

Now, that was clever too: mixing photography and installations, made you believe you had just entered a warehouse; not an apartment. Brilliant!

Perhaps my favourite amongst favourites: this nifty collage was literally jumping off the wall!

Many many thanks to my friend Jerome Deiss for organising this visit.

It’s impossible for me to show them all here, but you can click this link and go to my Flickr space.

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