The Vivid Chinese New Year Pageant (Paris)

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When the “vivid” theme was announced – or rather as soon as I was able to discover it because yesterday I was busy working all day at the Paris School of Business, the 2015 Chinese New Year Pageant came to my mind. It’s only this year I managed to find some time to take photos at the pageant. Vivid definitely is the right term for it.

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Bright and vivid colours like those of the European, French and Chinese and Vietnamese flags. All nationalities were present and that was a symbol too. These pictures were taken on February 22nd, a little more than a month after the dreadful events of early January.

Nvlanchinois 9265jpg 16407146697 o

The vivid colours on the waistcoat of this young gentleman are impressive. A lot of the young people in the pageant aren’t of Chinese origins. They are part of the Franco-Indochinese friendship association.

Nvlanchinois 9276jpg 16428809669 o

Even Prime Minister Valls (waving hand) and Home Office secretary (aka “Minister of the Interior”) Cazeneuve were present. As I said, this pageant was a symbol. The crowd was huge and I had to fight in order to catch a glimpse of those people.

Nvlanchinois 9296jpg 16407155207 o

Yet, the real show was there. With these young people all wearing bright coloured jackets and gowns.

Nvlanchinois 9301jpg 16613311191 o

This one like the camera, you can tell.

Nvlanchinois 9356jpg 16588491466 o

More vivid (and complementary) colours.

Nvlanchinois 9368jpg 16588494616 oDragons were vivid too.

Nvlanchinois 9326jpg 16613820482 o

And so were fishes.

Nvlanchinois 9410jpg 15994709063 o

Not everyone in the pageant was looking and smiling at the crowd.

Nvlanchinois 9397jpg 16613333711 o

Definitely not Chinese.

Nvlanchinois 9395jpg 16613836942 o

Blue knight.

Nvlanchinois 9428jpg 15994711993 o

The crowd was part of the show too, with some of the people climbing the walls and buildings to take better pictures.

Nvlanchinois 9434jpg 16428674539 o

A stepladder could also do the job but this was a risky business in such a crowd. Brave man!

Nvlanchinois 9438jpg 16407194297 o

More vivid colours.

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Blue Wallace

There is this new trend in Paris whereby Wallace fountains are painted all kinds of colours (above, Poterne des Peupliers in a yet to be inaugurated new housing development – use Streetview to get back in time). Sir Richard must be turning in his grave. Below is a very apt red version in Chinatown.

Crutch (B&W)

At last I can walk about town and I can take pictures too. Yet, on that beautiful Spring day (temperatures around 25 celcius in Paris today), my crutch was never very far away from me. March 9, 2014.