Heavy Rain in Versailles

I took this picture 5 years ago on a humid May day on which we were organising a picnic in the park of the Chateau in Versailles. Although taken in low-light condition with my first Sony alpha 100 DSLR camera, I like its composition and the atmosphere due to the heavy rainfall and the extremely... Continue Reading →

Dutch angle with Dutch tulips

A Dutch, or canted angle, is a shot in which the camera is tilted to one side so that vertical lines are at an angle with the frame. It may sound trivial, but this is what owed The Third Man, Carol Reed's masterpiece its reputation. Here's my attempt at a Dutch angle, with tulips in... Continue Reading →

Great gate

Man passing behind the beautiful gate at potager du Roi. The wide expanse of water behind provides the beautiful bluish background. None of the colours have been tampered with, the photo wasn't touched at all. Nor we're the two others below Close up snapshot of the wrought iron work on the gate What a beautiful... Continue Reading →

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