Out Of This World

The E.N.A (National School of Administration) in Paris is located in the former buildings of the so-called "Colonial School". Fig trees and Moorish buildings would give you the impression that you are out of this part of the world, in Algeria [Sept 2017] Even closer to my block of flats, St Dominique, a church which... Continue Reading →

The Devil is in there

The devil, and the lizard, is in the details as the saying goes. I caught that one above amongst the rocks outside Port Royal des Champs Abbey in the South West of Paris a few years back. One really has to focus to catch a glimpse of the ’beast'. More recently, last weekend in fact,... Continue Reading →

Look up

I did a fair bit of looking up when we last went to visit the French Riviera in May. Above our heads were palm trees as in Cannes. In Antibes, quaint little windows were placed high above and looked nice and flowery. In Antibes again, electric wires looked like music scores above our heads. A... Continue Reading →

Circle challenge

Last Friday’s photo challenge was "circle". I was amazed at the number of circles and spheres I could find in my recent picture database. Here they are in random order. Monaco, 2014 Champigny sur Marne, 2014 Paris, 2016 Paris, 2015 Paris, St Vincent de Paul, 2015 Paris, Great Public Library, 2011

Treat and no tricks

Today's photo challenge is about treat. So today's photo is a picture taken with my iPhone when I last went to Prague. I don't drink often, but I like a beer every now and then and especially dark beer. So here we go, here was my treat, during this visit of the Czech capital (on... Continue Reading →

Boundaries in the Pyrenees

We have a house in the Pyrenees. A region we love, in the middle of nowhere, and very few people to spoil it. It’s a country of wild open spaces where we love to wander, cycle (uphill) and ramble. Even though it’s full of open spaces, it’s also a place of boundaries. This piece was... Continue Reading →

Change Challenge

Last Friday’s photo challenge was about change. Not an easy subject even though I tend to deal with it on a daily basis in my job. Maybe that’s the reason why it’s all the more difficult to depict with photos. So I went for some recent pictures taken at the very end of August on... Continue Reading →

monochromatic photo challenge

Last week’s Friday photo challenge being about monochromatic pictures, I chose green as the leitmotiv for today’s post. Green as in the marshes of the Landes in Seignosse. For some reason, this reminded me of a Peter Gabriel record. Exotic plants in a greenhouse. Box in the garden of a chateau.  A winding path French beans,... Continue Reading →


Today’s photo challenge is “connected” in all senses of the term. Roads and paths can connect you (as in La Roche Guyon, with the above network of paths in the public garden taken from the top of the medieval castle). People can be connected too, with the ubiquitous Smartphone, as in Versailles (above). This tends... Continue Reading →

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