Ivry Kaleidoscope

Ivry is a funny place. One minute it's about brutalist architecture. The next you stumble upon a mini rose garden on a piece of wasteland and poetry is overwhelming. A few hundred yards further you feel like you are looking at the leaflet of some modernist architect.     And a couple of streets further... Continue Reading →

Blue Hour Shadows

On that same night when I shot the fridge bridge during the blue hour, only a few minutes before, I noticed that the shadows made by trees under the street lighting were weird and interesting. As a matter of fact they turned out blue too. Very eerie. Spooky even. And there was this cap-wearing gentleman... Continue Reading →

Blois By Night

Paris by night is rather exciting, mostly when the yellow vests have gone home to rest for a while. Blois by night isn't bad either. A little quieter for sure, but with patience, one can capture speeding cars at night. I didn't have a tripod with me on that night so I used whatever I... Continue Reading →

Shadows On The Ground

At long last, my computer has returned home and all my pictures are waiting for me in Lightroom. Here is a bunch taken out of my Lisbon pictures from last December when we were there with friends for the New Year. It all started with this indirect selfie taken from my height while hiding my... Continue Reading →

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