Italian Curves

I missed the Friday Challenge boat this weekend. Let's try and make up for it tonight. Jen's theme was "Twisted". As we have just come back from Tuscany, I chose pictures from that area. First and foremost, the San Luchese hotel in Poggibonsi above and its delightful curvy gardens made of box plants. Box blight... Continue Reading →

Chaalis Abbeys And Primaticcio

When you next decide to go to Chaalis, in the North of Paris, you will be granted three Abbeys for the price of one. One twelfth century job (in not such a good state), a 13th century chapel with a superb Francesco Primaticcio mural and an 18th Abbey which was the home of Mrs Jacquemard-André. Definitely... Continue Reading →

The Cherry On The Cathedral

I am a Breton, but my Mother’s family is from Picardy. Way up North. This area’s Capital town is Amiens (Pronounce Amyuuuuun - very nasally - yes I know you can’t do that. Too bad). Amiens’ gothic Cathedral is one of the world’s most beautiful. It was completed in the thirteenth century. But this is... Continue Reading →

A Good Day In The Country

Back from hols, and back in the saddle for more photo challenges. Catching up with the latest photo challenge entitled “today was a good day” I was slightly puzzled by the grammar but nonetheless will resolutely tell a story in the past tense, even though it’s a recent past. A Frenchman’s house - pretty much... Continue Reading →

Palais Royal

Palais Royal used to be called Palais Cardinal because it was Cardinal de Richelieu’s Palace. It is now famous for the Buren Columns which were installed in 1986. At first, there was an public outcry against this work of Art which was deemed sacrilegious. Eventually, it became so successful that most people go to Palais... Continue Reading →

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