I shot the above picture in the Ariège four years to the day, while exiting the cave of Niaux, one of the world’s beauties in which one sees some of the earliest paintings ever made (dating from around 17,000 to 12,000 years ago i.e. the Magdalenian period). (picture on the right-hand side). Obviously, I couldn’t take... Continue Reading →

4 runners in Marly (B&W)

In Marly Le Roi, West of Paris one can find the park of the former weekend residence of Louis XIV. There is unfortunately nothing left from the chateau itself. In that park are 4 weird statues named “the four runners of Marly”, which were designed by famous 18th century sculptors amongst whom the Coustou brothers. Those... Continue Reading →

Girlie Speed Camera (Black & White)

I spotted that guy yesterday while browsing the Saint Ouen “Les Puces” flea market. He was selling trinkets and chit chatting with colleagues around him. On his counter sat prominently a mock speed camera on which there was a “Girlie Speed Camera” label. I asked hime whether he’d been able to pick up some chicks... Continue Reading →

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