1970s Beaugrenelle in Black and White


Beaugrenelle is this district in Paris South of the Eiffel Tower which was meant to be built like a mini Manhattan at a time when modernity was on the agenda. The result isn’t really there and the buildings are dreary and uninteresting for the most part. This one though is an exception. At least from a photography point of view. Here are a few shots in Black and White




Theatrical Moment in Chamarande (B&W)

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I shot this picture a few weeks back on a Sunday afternoon in the park of the 17th Century Château de Chamarande. Not that I found the play to my liking. It was one of those depressing jobs for highbrows except the listeners weren’t particularly intellectual so we felt for them (and the players too). To an extent this theatrical moment in Chamarande is a bit like all of us here this side of the water after the events of the past 5 days and those of the months before. Depressed for one, and sort of suspended in the air, expecting I don’t know what. Well, maybe we aren’t expecting anything in particular anymore. Besides, that’s probably the wise thing to do. To keep going, unabated, regardless of what happened and could happen. Blindfolded.

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I shot the above picture in the Ariège four years to the day, while exiting the cave of Niaux, one of the world’s beauties in which one sees some of the earliest paintings ever made (dating from around 17,000 to 12,000 years ago i.e. the Magdalenian period). (picture on the right-hand side).

Obviously, I couldn’t take any pictures inside. And if I had they wouldn’t be worth anything so I wouldn’t want to show you. (The bison in the above picture was plundered from the jet-lag travel blog, whose authors had already taken it from somewhere else and this is why I didn’t pay too much attention).

Instead I pointed my camera at the view of the mountains beyond Tarascon sur Ariège. At the end of the cave was that hideous iron platform (on the lefthand side in the picture) but when I turned it into B&W I realised one only sees the perspective and the mountains and the snow which had fallen in the beginning of April. Searching for a new subject today, I chose to wind back to 2012 and tell you that story.

Girlie Speed Camera (Black & White)


I spotted that guy yesterday while browsing the Saint Ouen “Les Puces” flea market. He was selling trinkets and chit chatting with colleagues around him. On his counter sat prominently a mock speed camera on which there was a “Girlie Speed Camera” label. I asked hime whether he’d been able to pick up some chicks with that trick and he confirmed it had worked well for him. He might not sell many of his trinkets but at least he got something from the job.

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