Peacefulness – The Lake

The lake at Le Bourget it's almost impossible not to think of Lamartine. [...] Pause in your trek O Time! Pause in your flight, Favorable hours, and stay! Let us enjoy the transient delight That fills our fairest day. [...] Alphonse de Lamartine, The Lake Translated by A.Z. Foreman

A Bit Of Greenery

Today’s challenge is “green”. That’s an easy subject in a country where it rains so much, even though today, the sun is shining bright. Above the Auteuil greenhouses. This palm tree doesn’t need much water though.   Gerberoy, West of the Paris region, on the fringe of Normandy, water is plentiful. How could the grass be... Continue Reading →

Tiny Photo Challenge

Tonight’s challenge is tiny and that’s not an easy one. Here’s a wild shot at things tiny. Like the droplets on the glass above. The fly on that June rose in Picardy. Tiny like the houses seen from the top of the Castle mount in Chevreuse Or these people walking the streets of La Roche... Continue Reading →

I shot the above picture in the Ariège four years to the day, while exiting the cave of Niaux, one of the world’s beauties in which one sees some of the earliest paintings ever made (dating from around 17,000 to 12,000 years ago i.e. the Magdalenian period). (picture on the right-hand side). Obviously, I couldn’t take... Continue Reading →

Trio challenge

Forget about the sad times (let’s do this for good and carry on). This week’s challenge is 'trio'. It didn’t take too long before I could select a few pictures with subjects which came in threes. Here is a selection. National library (Bibliothèque Nationale), ok! This one is just an introductory pic. Essaouira in Morocco.... Continue Reading →

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