The Wazaam team is amazing. They can tear a 2CV apart in less than 5 minutes and put it back together in no time. And the engine works of course. Sceaux. May 2014

Here Comes Heol (The Sun)

 Heol is a solar powered vehicle designed by Team Ecosolar Breizh and made in Brittany (Breizh means Brittany). Heol means “Sun” in Breton (in Welsh it means “road” so it’s only normal that Heol is made for the road). Jean-Marc Goachet - a native from Brest (don’t laugh!) and a good friend of mine - is... Continue Reading →

In the name of democracy (B&W)

  For the past two days, all flags have been unfurled as a welcome to Chinese President Xi Jipin in Paris. Tibetan protesters had been carefully kept silent. All was done in the name of democracy of course, and no sacrosanct principle of democracy have been downtrodden. All is for the best in the best of... Continue Reading →

Peace protest

Bad weather conditions and a sprained ankle have kept me away from my photographical work in the past few weeks. I dished out those two pictures taken from Clara Halter’s Wall for Peace monument. Inside, behind shattered glass, a delegation from the Tamil refugees in Paris were protesting against what they presented as crimes against... Continue Reading →

Escherian stairwell 2 (B&W)

By now you know my love for Escher and his zanyish constructions of impossible staircases in which eyeless characters climb from all sides. Here’s another of these real life Escherian stairwells. Arab World Institute (Jean Nouvel). January 2014

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